Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Occult Store. Persephone's Place Amazon Afilliate

I wanted to let everyone know the exciting news about my new addition to the Blog here.   Please look on the left hand side of the blog for the link to the store, underneath my logo.

I have just created an Affiliate store with What this means is that anything that you purchase from within my Amazon store, will generate a small portion of the sale payable to Persephone's Place. For your entertainment and shopping convenience I have compiled an “occult” store and have personally hand picked everything that is in it. The inventory in the store is a representation of my personal recommendations, because these are items, I have, know about, or have used. Others I just like because they are fun.

The store will be updated often. Probably weekly.

Things you can hope to find here are some of the classics:

Occult Books, including underworld mythology, Golden Dawn Magic, Enochian Magic, Wiccan, Goddess Worship, Mythology, Alchemy, etc....  I have also added a Tarot section.  I may have to rearrange some of these categories again so if they disappear, don't worry, they will be back.  It's a trial and error thing while building and compiling the store.  The books might disappear for a few hours on whatever day I'm working on the store till I get the categories right.

I've added Suns Eye Ritual oils. I love these. They smell heavenly. They are perfect for Wiccan ritual oils. They are primarily used as fragrance oils for anointing spell candles, or wearing as perfume. These are not essential oils. (Do not use these in oil burners).

I've added some herbs with the Azure Green label. I'll be doing some more research on herbs and I may change my mind on some of these. If Amazon has them available I'd to find a reputable organic source.....

I've added some ritual candles. I couldn't find everything I wanted here.... so the collection is small.. I'll keep looking.

There is Gift accessories such as Celtic tote bags, Wiccan ritual kits and pagan statuary. Some of the classics that everyone loves.

There will be more to come. I'm going to try and find some athames and other alter items...cauldrons etc..... This will be a full blown occult supply store.

I do believe Amazon has changed it's policies since I did this once before. It would appear that if the store does not generate sales within three or four months they might shut me down....I'm not quite sure how this works... So feel free to spread the word and please consider doing your metaphysical shopping here if you are already shopping on Amazon. Thanks so much!.

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