Monday, September 7, 2015

Product Review: Temple of the Gods Store Section

I've been having a lot of fun putting the Amazon store together.

I wanted to give a little explanation about some of the categories. When you visit the store you'll find I've included a section called “Temple of the Gods”. Under the sub-categories you can click on the deity of your choice. What you will find in these temple sections are a very wide variety of things that at first glance don't have anything to do with the occult. You might be a little confused if you are a newbie pagan.

What I have done is compiled items that are symbolically “sacred” to each of the deities.  So basically you will find a mish mash of any and everything that is appropriate for active worship, ritual, and daily offerings as well as temple decorations for each deity.   Skin care and bath products are intended for ritual bathing purposes.  Foods can be used for both offerings and ritual cooking.  Plants for building garden shrines.  Fine art for general temple decoration, and other useful symbolically appropriate things sacred to each God and Goddess.

In Aphrodites section you will find a number of resources for many varieties of Crepe myrtle trees for example. The Crepe Myrtle in ancient Greece was sacred to this Goddess as is the Rose. If you find yourself called to Aphrodite's temple, you might consider building your garden shrine with her sacred plants in mind.

In the Persephone and Hades section you will find many Obsidian stone items such as raw stones, beads for crafting ritual necklaces, and obsidian skrying mirrors and athames. Also ruby stones and jewels. Obsidian is Sacred to Persephone and Ruby/Garnet to Hades. Plants sacred to these deities are Pomegranate (Persephone/Hades), Narcissus (Persephone) Ivy (Persephone), Peppermint (Hades), White Birch (Hades) and Figs. These plants figure prominently in their mythical stories.

Ritual bathing and skincare products for Persephone will be different then for Aphrodite.  For Persephone it would be appropriate to use Pomegranate scented or infused products.  For Aphrodite, Myrtle and Rose or Honey. You get the idea. I'll continue to add product review posts of these different products with instructions for various types of Deity worship and more specific information about the background, history and mythology of the symbols on a regular basis. 

I've also included the appropriate themed ritual anointing oils or essential oils for those of you experienced in making your own witchcraft products, in the deity sections that are specific to that deity,

I will constantly be adding to these temple sections so please continue checking back to find new additions for each of the deities.

If you are interested in the worship of a deity I have not yet included in the temple section don't hesitate to let me know and I will add a section for you after researching the deity in question to help you get started building your temple.

I have only just begun, so this is a work in progress.  Keep checking back!  

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