Astrology Reports

Specialized Astrology Reports Available

Payment Options

If you are not a member of etsy and would like to do a private purchase / transaction, I accept pay pal and I can send you a pay pal invoice via email.  I also accept money orders.

Report Details

These astrology reports are based on your natal horoscope.  They are not complete natal horoscope readings, but rather specialized segments pertaining to specific areas of life.

Reports are type-written and sent to you via an email attachment as a Word document.  Please note these are not computer generated reports.  They are entirely hand written (typed) and individually interpreted.

Required Information
- Month , Day And Year of Birth
- Exact Time of Birth
- Location (City, State/ Country) of Birth
- Valid email address

Delivery Time

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery of your report.  Often times your report will likely arrive much sooner then this, but there are times I am back-logged with tarot readings, custom jewelry bead work orders or other astrology reports.  I am also a massage therapist with a day job.  :)   You may be put on a waiting list if I am experiencing a busy spell.  Please note once again, none of these reports are computer generated, I do them all from scratch myself, beginning with the research and ending with the finished and edited product.     For this reason I am not yet offering complete natal horoscope reports until I have a more efficient software program to assist me in completing these larger reports in a more timely fashion. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Love and Relationships

This report is designed to assist you in understanding the conflicts in relationship that are present in your natal horoscope.  I will cover all of the "hot spots" in the natal chart that are relevant to your relationship issues.  This report may address core issues involving communication, self esteem and other emotional components that may be present within the life experience that create blockages to your happiness in interpersonal and intimate relationships.  Report may include elements from current transits or progressions depending on the issues presented.

The Underworld Report / A 12th House Analysis

The 12th house of the natal horoscope is said to be the "trouble" house.  This is the area of the chart that is relevant to any shadow issues, unconscious habits, fears, doubts, trauma's,  the collective unconscious, karma, and potentially past lives.   This report can help you to reveal any unconscious patterns at work in your daily life that needs addressing.  

The Archetypal Report

This is a fun little report that may of special interest to the pagan practitioner.  Many natal horoscopes delineate themes and patterns that correspond to certain mythical stories.  If you would like to have some idea of the mythical themes that may be active in your horoscope and therefore in your personal life, this report can be helpful in understanding the deeper levels of certain aspects of your psyche.  This report may include the placement of asteroids within the natal chart that are relevant to the mythic archetypes.  In this report the dominant mythical theme will be determined and the story and myth explained as well as how the myth pertains to the daily life and issues that may surface.

"To live life like a myth is au naturale"
(Ambrose Hollingsworth Redmoon)

One Question Astrology Report

Ask any question you like and I will look at your natal horoscope and your transits or progressions if necessary to assist you in troubleshooting your specific issue.

Luminaries Report / Sun, Moon & Ascendant

This is a specialized report outlining only the three major luminaries in the natal chart and how they manifest their expression in the course of your life path.  These three luminaries include: 

- Your Sun Sign
- Your Moon Sign
- Your Rising Sign