Tarot Readings

I have been a student of the Western Mystery traditions, wiccan practitioner, astrologer and tarot reader for over 25 years.

I use tarot as a troubleshooting tool to assist people in thinking outside of the box. I do not believe in a fatalistic approach to readings, I believe that tarot or any other divination medium, should assist the client in learning how to control the outcome of his or her own future by understanding the natural results of cause and effect.

Currently my tarot readings are available to out of town clients through my Etsy Store.  Please feel free to take a look through my store and you will find several different tarot reading listings that are always available in a variety of price ranges.  Be sure to save the link to this blog or to the main website if you wish to return here, as Etsy does not allow me to link back here.   These reports are sent to you as email attachments on a word document.  Your questions are addressed and the cards are shuffled exactly as if you were having a reading in person, the only difference is that I type your readings instead of speaking to you face to face.    These listings include:

One Card Oracle Reading:  $3.95
Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading:  $14.95
Mythical Quest Shadow Work Tarot Reading:  $24.95
Celtic Cross Traditional Tarot Reading:  $19.95
Relationship Conflicts & Resolution Strategies:  $12.95
Past , Present, Future 3 Card Reading:  $9.95
Tarot Profile Reading:  $24.95
To Illuminate A Situation:  $10.00
Relationship Compatibility Reading:  $12.95
Pre Ritual Tarot Reading/ Pre Spell work Tarot Reading:  $19.95

For more information please see the individual listings on Etsy for a full description of the types of readings available. 


Legally I am required to tell you that tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. They should not be a substitute for proper legal, medical or psychological advice. Persephone's Place takes no responsibility for any outcomes which may result in a client's behavior as a result of these readings.
If you are suffering from a legal, mental or medical emergency please contact your appropriate legal, medical or mental health care practitioners or call 911 for emergency assistance.

Blessed Be
Monique Lockhart
Owner, Persephone's Place.